R80XL Giant observation wheel




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World record winning giant observation wheel


The  BUSSINK® R80XL is the world’s largest transportable and series-produced Giant Observation Wheel. It was designed and developed by the most experienced and best qualified designers and engineers available in our industry. It represents the state-of-the-art stand-alone tourist attraction. The design, engineering & manufacturing is based on a standard lifetime of 50 years and more.

The complete design and engineering is according to German building codes for Amusement Devices, German TUV approved and meets most required applicable local and national codes.

With its unique six-column structure, the Giant Observation Wheel type R80XL rests on a compact footprint and is extremely efficient to handle and to install. A specially selected team of West European and North American suppliers is guaranteeing the highest quality available for this high-end product. These suppliers are totally devoted to and concentrated on their craftsman skills and have proven over a long period of time to be extremely reliable. This results into an operation of the R80XL with minimum risk of downtime.